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我:“猪肉。 一定要有猪肉, 猪肉是多么的重要啊!。”

所以去了一间有提供猪肉的美食广场, 但大家却都不约而同点了不含猪肉的马来式食物。

她吃了Laksa, 我吃Grill Seafood, 绝对Halal(清真)。

人生真的很好玩, 也很善变。

雖然只是生活中的小故事, 但从这些小事情就能看见人类多变的个性。

不必为了别人反悔较早的承诺而耿耿于怀, 连吃饭这么小事都能说变就变, 更何况是其他大事。

既然变了, 只好宽心接受。 虽然痛苦, 总好过用更长的时间折磨自己。


My friend and I decided that we must eat Non-Halal food on Friday, we are so determined but yet in the end both of us chosen Halal Food which is extremely amusing.

It just about food, but what about promises? Hence, you do not need to feel betrayed or hurt by promises made by anyone as it can change easily.

Things change, just accept it and stop torturing yourself any further.


XoXo . Vera

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