5 Tips To Prepare Holiday Itinerary

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Excited yet tiring, holiday is fun but the planning part might not sound fun to many people. People around me consider planning as headache. Personally, i love planning, especially for own holiday so that I will understand the places and culture more during the process. Here some of my tips while planning for your upcoming holidays and hope it helps!


1. Flight Booking

Check the seasons or festivals for the country that you would like to visit. You might want to visit the place during any special occasion, of course airfare will be more expensive during peak season.

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2. Spot your favorite attractions

Shortlisted few places that you would like to visit and put into the itinerary accordingly. It will be easier for you to plan the route for each day and save your transit time. You don’t want to waste your time sitting in a transportation. Use google map to help you (Very Useful!). Normally i will add in few places and estimate the traveling time among each places.


3. Place Nearby

After shortlisted places that you favor, search for any other attractions nearby and tackle them together. I will shortlist nice restaurants and fun things to do in that area.

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4. Be Details (or not)

I am the type of person that just can’t wander without target. I love to wander with agenda. In my itinerary, I will put in the date, time, attractions, restaurants and others altogether. On some occasions, I will abolis initial plan, just chill and relax in places I love. Details will help for sudden change as you will not be panic to look for transportation and others.


5. Mobile Apps

Download some of the useful apps for your trip definitely helps you a lot for planning and holiday. I would prefer apps that would work without internet connection.


What about you? Do share with me some of your favorite tips while planning your holiday!

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