Why You Must Visit Hampton Court Palace, London? A guide to HCP, London l 一定要去的汉普顿宫

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Travel back in time and immerse yourself in the glory past of the royal family of London. Treat yourself as a king in this luxurious palace. I have no expectation at all when I planned to visit the Hampton Court Palace. After the visit, I would recommend everyone to visit this wonderful place. Let me tell you why…

回到過去, 體驗過去皇室家族的輝煌, 任性的把自己當個King。 當初決定要去汉普顿宫是完全沒有期許, 把自己當個迷路的旅人, 踏進不熟悉的環境。 參觀後, 我會建議所有人有一定要去。 為何呢? 接著看吧。。。

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All About Hampton Court Palace, London

For Entrance fee, opening time, direction to the palace please click here for the official website. Besides, you can purchase London Pass for free entry to Hampton Court Palace, London.

以上的藍色鏈接能讓你看見汉普顿宫的入場費, 經營時間, 方向等等。 另外, 購買倫敦通票也能讓你得到免費進入汉普顿宫一次的機會。



It is very convenient for backpacker like us. The palace is very near to train station (Hampton Court Station), just 5-10 minutes walk from the station. Fellow travelers, you could download the London Underground App which is extremely useful! I will discuss about all mobile applications i used soon.

交通非常的方便, 尤其對於背包客。 汉普顿宫距離最近的地鐵站大約只要步行5-10分鐘。 我建議你們下載倫敦地下鐵的移動運用程序, 絕對讓你的旅程更加順暢啊!


History and Stories

I am fascinated by the history and stories shared during the visit. There will be free guided tour and activties so you have to check on the schedule during the visit. We were guided to visit the well-preserved gardens ans estate which tended by a team of 38 gardeners and specialists. There are stories behind each place and what you need to do is unlock the secret door. Free Audio Guide will be provided, so make sure you check it out.

汉普顿宫豐富的歷史以及充滿故事性的過去都讓我著迷。 汉普顿宫會提供免費的遊覽團, 所以一定要檢查他們的時間表。 我們被帶去不同的地方, 包括了他們的花園, 葡萄園等。 導遊的解說能讓我們更加了解這個美麗的地方。 另外, 你也能獲取免費的語音指南, 一定別忘了查看。

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Friendly Staffs

Staffs dressed up in costumes which add the ancient feel to the whole palace. They are professional and ready to help you. All equipped with knowledge about the Palace and share historical stories with us.

汉普顿宫的員工都會裝扮成古時代的人物, 超級有代入感。 他們的員工都很專業, 對汉普顿宫也有豐富的知識。 當個乖孩子, 秉持不恥下問的好習慣。



100 glasses of FREE wine will be served everyday at Henry VIII’s wine fountain. You need to get the token for the wine from information counter. Do check the details with information desk to plan your day.

Smell Map – Great idea that makes me remember Hamptoon Court Palace forever. Navigate your way around the Georgian court with your nose and imagine you smelled the same air as the Georgian King, Queens and courtiers. You might want to beware when smelling the royal toilet. The whole process is really entertaining. It’s been 1 year since I brought back the map and the smell is still there! Amazing!

每一天, 汉普顿宫都會提供100被免費的紅酒。 當然, 在享用美酒前, 記得先從資訊台得到票根, 可能看我們亞洲人比較嬌小, 堅持一定要檢查護照, 怕沒超過能喝酒的年齡。

氣味地圖 – 因為這份地圖, 我永遠都不會忘記汉普顿宫。 帶著氣味地圖, 聞聞以往皇室成員感受的味道, 心曠神怡啊! 即使一年過去了, 我帶回來的地圖還是有著氣味。 不過, 在聞皇家廁所的時候可能要比較小心, 怕你的早餐都吐出來了。

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Beautiful Architecture and Design

Well-maintained Palace, Gardens and Maze are really fascinating. We arrived early in the morning and left only when the palace about to close. There are so much to see and feel, you can easily spend one day in this wonderful place. Any part of the palace is art.

建設, 花園, 迷宮等都保持的很好。 乾淨的地方, 清新的環境讓我們待了一整天。 即使用上一天的時間你也欣賞不了整個汉普顿宫。 汉普顿宫的每一處都是一個藝術。


What do you think about Hampton Court Palace? 

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