How to Travel Free or Cheap in Hong Kong? 免費或經濟遊香港

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Hong Kong is famous for its modern and fast paced lifestyle (you will always be amazed how fast is everything, literally everything like escalator, lift…). Hong Kong is known for their high living cost, but at at the same time they earning are high which can offset the living cost. Hey, but no worries, you still can travel cheap or free in Hong Kong. Let’s go!



Hong Kong Museums

Mostly Hong Kong’s Museums will offer free admission fee every Wednesday! How great is that! Select few museums that you are interested and indulge yourself in their beautifully designed museums.

List of Museums that are free on Wednesday:

  1. Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum (Free admission on Wednesday, the anniversaries of Dr Sun’s birth (12 November) and death (12 March)) ♥
  2. Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre (Admission free)  ♥
  3. Hong Kong Museum of History ♥
  4. Hong Kong Science Museum  ♥
  5. Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
  6. Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  7. Sam Tung Uk Museum ♥
  8. Sheung Yiu Folk Museum (Admission free) and more…


Symphony of Lights at Avenue of Stars

Generally, this is one of the must see attraction while visiting Hong Kong. However, i am quite disappointed with the show as the light effect is not that significant. However, walking along the Avenue of Stars is a good feeling. Feel the wind from the sea, took some sunset photos and basically just enjoy ourselves. You can also spend aroung HKG 2.50 to watch the Symphony of Lights on Star Ferry.


Longest Escalator in Hong Kong

Famous for its length and you could easily get down during the journey to visit shops surrounding. Remember to stand right for people to walk on left hand side. This escalator was used for several films including the famous director Wong Kar-Wai – Chungking Express.


Ding you way around Hong Kong (Ding Ding Tram)

Famous for the voice notification – Ding Ding the tram made. One of the best way to explore Hong Kong in these double-deck tram fleet. No air conditioner in the tram hence you can enjoy wind blow through the windows. Price to take the tram is HKG 2.30 which is very inexpensive. Get on the tram though back door and pay while you getting down from front door. Octopus card is usable for Ding Ding Tram. No change for payment in cash.


Be Ritual – Visit Temples

One of the most famous temple in Hong Kong is Wong Tai Sin Temple. The temple is famous for making every wishes come true. Wong Tai Sin is actually name of a monk. Besides, you could visit the famous Bid Buddha at Lantau Island and experience vegetarian food after visit. You could go by taking cable car and return by bus. One way ticket of cable car is available at the counter. What i has planned is cable car – Big Buddha – Bus – Tai-O – Bus – Hotel.


Indulge yourself in Markets

All kinds of markets for you to choose, you just need to worry if you have enough time. Flowers Markets (for flowers of course), Temple Markets, Stanley Market for vintage stuffs and etc. Bargain with the shop owner if you want to buy something, you could start at 50%, but must buy if the shop owner agree to lower the price.


Relax and Rest at Parks

Even though Hong Kong is compact with high rise buildings, but the government is working hard to maintain the greenery part of the city. You could visit their parks and act like a local. You could visit the Kowloon Park, small but nicely design. Arena of Comic stars is in the park as well where you can take photos with different comic stars. There is a museum (free admission) inside the park, small but I really enjoyed it.


Crush on Nature

Nan Lian Garden, Dragon’s Back, Lamma Island and others all at your service. I would suggest you to go any of the islands such as Lantau Island, Lamma Island and etc. You could enjoy seafood, beach and sea, cycling, nature in one place. All these attractions are free, the only cost incurred will be transportation fee.


I will be posting cheap eats in Hong Kong soon! See ya!

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