All You Can Eat Ribs in Amsterdam – Satellite Sports Cafe l 阿姆斯特丹 – 任你吃的牛小排

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As a backpacker, obviously I will look for something affordable to eat during travel. while travelling in Amsterdam, it is not easy for us to find cheap food. Luckily, we found Satellite Sports Cafe which offers unlimited ribs that costs only € 9.95 (22 pm onwards) or € 11.95 (9am – 22pm)!

對於一個背包客來說, 性比價高的食物有著絕對的吸引力。 阿姆斯特丹并不是以便宜而著名的, 所以寻找性比价高的食物還挺不容易。 幸運的, 我們找到了Satellite Sports Cafe那個提供任你吃的牛小排, 一份只要€ 9.95或€ 11.95。



Satellite Sports Cafe is located at Leidseplein, Amsterdam where you can easily reach by tram (Line 1, 2 and 5). You can spot the restaurant once you step down from the tram.

搭乘電車(一號, 二號以及五號線)就能抵達。 在Leidseplein下站, 輕易的就能看見這間餐館。


The waitress is unfriendly, not smiling and shows her impatience to us and other customers (maybe because she is the only waitress at that time and need to serve more than 5 tables). We ordered the unlimited spare ribs with drinks (Click for Menu). Their drinks are quite expensive if you would like to order non-alcoholic drinks.

進了餐廳, 看起來很不友善的女服務生來招呼我們, 她的不耐煩有可能是因為只有自己一個人卻要招待5張桌子的客人。 我們點了無下限牛小排。 非酒精飲料的價格比較高, 而含酒精飲料而還行。


I enjoyed the delicious unlimited ribs, juicy and tender with lot of fries. Service is quite slow when we wanna request for more ribs. Apparently the kitchen forgot our order and we have to wait for 30 minuted for additional ribs. Do not expect the additional ribs will be same portion as your main course, i would say less than half of the size. Overall the food is good for the price we paid.

牛小排滿好吃, 鮮嫩多汁以及富有很多的薯條。 當我們試圖要求第二盤的牛小排時, 速度有點慢, 大約等了30分鐘。 無限量的牛小排相較第一份主餐比較小分, 應該只有一半的長度。 總的來說, 他們的食物性比價還是高的, 尤其愛喝酒的朋友, 配著鮮嫩的無限量牛小排是很不錯的消遣。


seating arrangement is very near to each tables so you can definitely shout together while watching a good game. cleanliness of the restaurant is ok, can be better.

桌子與桌子之間的距離很小, 我幾乎就碰到了坐在後邊的客人, 但如果你很喜歡熱鬧一起為球賽呼喊的氣氛則很不錯。 乾淨度還行, 可以進步。


I would recommend it to people who is hungry, love sports and good food. Give their unlimited ribs a try, you wouldn’t regret it.

推薦所有肚餓的朋友去吃看看, 喜歡運動以及美食的朋友也不要錯過。 他們的無限量牛小排絕對是必嘗的美食之一。


Rating 評價 (1 – 5 ♥)

Cleanliness  : ♥♥♥

Food            : ♥♥♥♥

Environment: ♥♥♥

Service        : ♥♥♥

Price            : ♥♥♥♥ (more hearts means cheaper)



Photos are from Satellite Sports Cafe, just found out that I am such a genius that forgot to take photos. Bear with me please..

太天才了, 忘了拍照, 所以照片都來自官網。

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