The Unexpected Khao Kob Cave in Thailand

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Khao Kob Cave is definitely not one of the ordinary cave that you had visited. We didn’t research on the attraction hence no expectation at all. Booked a car with driver from tour agent for journey that required at least 2-3 hours.


不做功課, 茫茫然就前去了Khao Kob Cave, 俗稱為水晶洞。曾經參觀過其他洞穴, 導致原本的期待值不大, 但原來最精彩的總是在最後。

從旅行社訂了一輛車子就出發了, 水晶洞地理偏遠, 從Hat Yai合艾出發也要二至三個小時的車程, 最方便的就是向旅行社訂購司機和汽車。

到了目的地, 直接購買門票就能進去了。

We entered the cave with a little boat. The cave is well maintained and we can see the effort government put in to remain the natural aspects of the cave.

There are temples inside the cave, which is similar to Batu Caves but smaller version.

I know..until now it still sounds pretty ordinary, but the exciting part will start right after we left the cave.

首先, 我們搭船經過小河進入洞穴。洞穴裡的景觀很大程度被保護, 並沒有大變動。

洞穴裡有神廟的擺設, 有如吉隆坡的黑風洞, 只是規模小。各種燈光的照耀下也讓洞穴別有一番風景。

導遊們也會替洞穴裡的各種石頭起名字, 例如大象腿, 穿過大象腿就能得到好運等。

目前來看, 一切都是在我的期待裡, 直到我們搭船出洞穴的時候。

Captain of the boat request us to lay flat, literally flat and try your best to hold your stomach so nothing comes up 🙂 I can see the cave in front is getting lower and at the end, it almost hit us.

I felt like we are swollen by an anaconda, not a good feeling but I enjoyed it (weirdo). People around me screamed non-stop which makes the trip even scarier.

Luckily, all of us survived and here I am sharing with you the adventure.

For friends that would like to try it, beware of water level and raining season. Due to raining season, water level might get too high and might stuck there.


還沒出去前, 所有人被要求平躺在船上。還沒躺之前, 我已經看見前方的洞穴越來越低, 就像進入蟒蛇的肚子,慢慢吞嚥我們。

躺下後, 你以為情況會變好, 但一點都不。

眼前的石頭距離臉部大約5公分吧, 肚子大一點的人可能會被磨到。身邊的人一直呼叫, 而我邊喊變笑。導遊需要用力的讓船隻向前去。船隻在狹窄的空間艱難前進。

每隔幾秒鐘我都有種要被毀容的感覺, 垂下的石頭們似乎很想把我的臉砸碎, 近距離的不可思議。

幸好, 大家還是安然無恙的逃出生天。雖然整個過程都很驚險, 但我還想再嘗試一次, 因為真的是一個奇特有趣的經驗。幽閉恐懼症的朋友就別嘗試了。

想要玩的朋友也要注意季節, 雨季會讓水位上升, 高水位可能會讓你受傷, 或者確保船隻載足夠的人數。

Khao Kob Cave水晶洞絕對是愛探險的朋友應該去的一個地方!

Share with me your adventure in any caves! Would love to try it!

P.S. Image from & because my hard disk is broken, which means my precious pictures are gone!

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