Homemade Lemongrass Aloe Vera Drink l 自制香茅芦荟饮料

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Always love the welcome drink offered by hotel during check in. Normally, type of drinks served are lemongrass.

每一次喝到酒店送上的歡迎飲料心情都會變好。 普遍上, 酒店都會送上香茅水。

This time, I am going to make some simple and easy Lemongrass Aloe Vera drink which taste like hotel welcome drink.


Believe me, you will be screaming “Is that it?” at the simplicity of the drink. Simple but nice, worth a try.

相信我吧, 看了製作過程, 你會驚呼“就這樣?”。

Lemongrass is an Aromatic Healer which can relax our mind. Aloe Vera can increase our immune system. Pandan Leaves full with nourishing essential oil that are good to our bodies. Benefits of these three plants cannot be finished in one day, we just have to remember that they are good to our body and soul.
香茅的香味能自然的放鬆我們的心情。 蘆薈能讓身體的免疫力增強。 香蘭葉充滿了自然豐富的油。 這些植物的好處不是三言兩語就能說完, 只要我們知道它們對我們的身體及心靈都有很大的幫助。


Let’s get started…

Materials Required 材料
  1. Lemongrass 香茅
  2. Aloe Vera 蘆薈
  3. Rock Sugar 冰糖 / Candied Date 蜜棗 / Brown Sugar 黑糖
  4. Pandan Leaves 香蘭葉
  5. Ginger (Optional) 姜
Process 製作過程
1. First, clean and peel off first exterior layer of Lemongrass. You could cut it into slices or knock the lemongrass with knife spine so the juice will come out.
首先, 清理以及撕開香茅的外皮。 接著, 可以把香茅切片或用刀背敲香茅,這樣它的汁就會跑出來了。
2. Clean the Pandan leaves and repeat the same step, knock with knife spine.
把香蘭葉清乾淨後繼續同樣的步驟, 用刀背敲香蘭葉。
3. Put in Lemongrass, Pandan Leaves and Sugar into a pot of water and start boiling.
把香茅, 香蘭葉以及糖放進水, 開始烹調。
4. You could put in ginger if you love your drinks to be spicier.
如想要點辣味, 可以放進姜。
5. Prepare your Aloe Vera and put in with other materials once the water boiled.
這個時候, 可以開始準備你的蘆薈了。 水開了後,就能把蘆薈放進水里。
Walaaaa! The delicious Lemongrass Aloe Vera is done! Lemongrass fragrance makes me really happy.

就這樣, 甜美好味的香茅蘆薈飲料就完成了。

Serve the drink with pretty cups / bottles to your guests are so cute!
把飲料裝進漂亮的杯子或罐子, 然後讓客人飲用是很有情調的。
Please share with me once you tried the recipe and share the photos. 🙂

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  1. 香茅,芦荟,惨了,我一看你的标题只是想到自制的护肤品,中毒很深……>.< 忘了它们是食物原来可以吃!谢谢分享,有机会我试试看。

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