What’s in My Bag – 旅行必備物品!

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Hotel? ☑ Flight ☑ Transporation ☑ and what else you need to prepare for your next journey? Yes, packing your luggage and go!
訂好機票住宿等等, 無比期待的等待出發, 難題就來了。 其中一項令旅者頭痛的就是如何收拾行李。

Pack wisely otherwise you will end up cursing yourself being greedy.
猶記得第一次的旅行, 雖然相隔多年但那種想把整間家都打包去國外的心情還是時刻提醒自己 – 十二顆痣 (適而可止)。 貪心的後果往往就會令人發瘋, 跺腳錘地的拉著行李, 口中念念有詞的罵那聰明的腦袋。

Most of the time, things that we bring are useless but not willing to throw it away.
很多時候, 帶上的物品都沒用到, 但卻不捨得丟。

I had listed 10 must have items during travel (excludes clothes)
以下列了10樣旅行時必須的物品 (不包括衣物)。

1。Travel Adapter 轉換插頭

Travel adapter is light and easy but people still forget about it (maybe because of it being too light and easy :)). Some hotels will provide Travel Adapter or built in international socket. However, most of the budget hotels/hostel will not provide this equipment.
便宜實用的轉換插頭, 但很容易就忘記帶上他。某些高級酒店會提供轉換插頭, 或直接安裝適合各國用的插頭。 可如果你是選擇經濟性的住宿, 可能就沒有這樣的服務了。

2。 Power Bank充電寶

Without battery, all the high-tech devices that we own are just rubbish. A power bank is very useful to you while on the road and experiencing low-bat situation! They are the 911 solution for your electronic devices.
現代人什麽不多, 高科技物品最多。 這些高科技的物品在沒電後則會變成廢物。輕便的充電寶能解決你在路上遭遇電子產品沒電的窘境的最佳良伴。 (怎麼聽起來那麼像廣告詞啊?)

3. Sunglasses 太陽眼鏡

UV exist no matter the weather is sunny or rainy. Sunglasses could protect your valuable eyes. I once used it to block the attack of Pollen while in London. Sunglasses is very useful to protect my eyes from half of the pollen.
有無太陽與否, 紫外線還是存在的。 炎熱黃阳下, 太陽眼鏡能帶給你舒適感, 保護珍貴的雙眼。 即使沒太陽, 偶爾還是派得上用場, 例如在倫敦時,疑似空氣佈滿了花粉,發現自己的眼睛很不舒服,  太陽眼鏡幫我阻擋了部分花粉大軍的侵襲。

4。 Cleansing Brush 潔面儀

Frankly, cleansing brush is not a must have item for most people. For me, this is essential to take care of my skin. With cleansing brush, you could reduce the weight for cleansing mask, scrub and others. Even for guys, cleansing is a must do step, don’t even mention girls that put on make-up.
潔面儀是某部分人會擁有的, 主要是幫你深層清潔, 不必帶瓶瓶罐罐的磨砂或清潔面膜。 旅行在外, 保養功夫不會比在家裡做的足, 所以清潔是非常重要的。 男生雖然不需要保養品, 但清潔還是很重要。

5。 Lotion 手霜/保護唇

Girls or boys, you have the same thing on your body (most part of your body) – SKIN. When you are in colder / dryer place, you will be grateful that you remember to bring lotion.
無論是男女, 你都是有皮膚的生物, 別認為護膚只是女生的專屬權利。 到了冷凍的地方或在交通工具上例如飛機, 皮膚都會比較乾燥, 甚至會脫皮,搽上一點護膚乳, 你會感謝自己的的決定。

6。 Medicine Kit藥包

Not necessary you have the chance to use it, and of course you never use it. However a simple medicine kit will be your savior and as precaution. Feeling sick while travelling is not the best experience you want to get.
不一定會用到但必備的物品, 當然你也會希望自己永遠不會用到裡面的任何物品。 基本款如發燒藥, 肚洩藥是必需的。

7。E books / Books書/電子書籍

Books are one of the essential items during travel. Not only it feeds us knowledge but also a good tool to make our mind grow. If you feel books are too heavy, you may opt for E-books. Personally, i still like the touch of papers. Read some books that related with your upcoming trip is a good choice.
旅行是踏實的, 但在往返目的地, 或轉移目的地時總是有空洞的時間需要被填空。 你能選擇休息, 看風景, 電影或者讀書。 選一本旅行書/或與即將要前往的目的地有關的書籍,讓你更好的感受人文風情。

8。 Foldable Water Bottle可折疊式水壺

Water is the best doctor during travel. Drink more water and be healthy. However, bringing a bulky water bottle during travel can really turn people off. Foldable water bottle can solve the problem. You could fold the bottle into name card size after finish the water.
水會是你旅途中最好的醫生。 多喝水能減少生病的機會。 很多人認為喝水/攜帶水壺出門是件瑣碎的事情, 所以可折疊式水壺能有效的減少佔據不必要的空間, 輕便簡易, 喝完把它折疊放進包包。

9。Earphone 耳機

Listening to music while walking on a place you have never visited, how romantic! Music could bring you into a whole new world and sometimes, evict the loneliness of travelling alone. Besides, audiobook is good for people who don’t like to read. You could download Audio Travel Guide.
聽聽音樂, 走在不熟悉的街道的感覺很浪漫, 偶爾也能填補一個人旅遊的寂寞。 不喜歡看書的朋友能下載有聲書, 不看那就聽吧! 另外, 下載一些有聲旅遊書,能快速的讓你了解所在的城市。

10。Beauty Products美容產品

Must have beauty products include sunscreen, make-up equipment and others. Sunscreen could protect your screen. Make up quipments are good for special occasion.
美容產品不只是日夜霜, 還包括了防曬。 人走在路上, 難免會遇到太陽, 要想疼惜自己的肌膚就一定要擦防曬。 偶爾有機會去比較高級的餐廳或遇見重要人物, 適當地打扮能提高自己的形象。

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